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Custom Aluminum’s engineering team can work with your designers to establish the best methods to manufacture your parts.  Working side by side with your engineers allows us to establish the best methods to machine your part using advanced 3D modelling and CAM packages.

Take the below drawing for example; it is physically the same part with the same features, however it is dimensioned differently. The first drawing has the hole locations dimensioned off of each end. This would require a special fixture that allows for machining the part end-for-end, a 2 step process. Whereas if you observe the second drawing, both holes are dimensioned off of one end. This allows for the part to sit snugly in its fixture and never need to be repositioned – saving cost and improving quality.

These types of nuances are why it is crucial to get involved with our engineers and ensure that your product becomes a success.

We utilize not only traditional inspection equipment but state of the art CMM’s that import your 3D models to check all of your critical dimensions including the most difficult to inspect GD&T call outs.

By using the most current CNC equipment we are able to run product at speeds of 10,000 rpm. Incorporating 4th axis indexing capabilities we can minimize handling and reduce cost. Many of our machines are capable of running parts up to 72” without un-fixturing the part.

To ensure process capability CPK studies and gage R&R’s are performed. For more information on how Custom Aluminum Products can work with your engineers or to order a design manual, please contact us.

Precision Machining

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