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Sustainability is easy to say but harder to do.  The fact remains that the aluminum industry continues to make sustainability progress each year.  Today, two-thirds of all aluminum ever produced still remains in use.  Aluminum remains one of the most recyclable, recycled and re-used materials on earth.  It is not just the recyclability that makes aluminum so sustainable.  Aluminum has a considerably longer life cycle when compared to other metals.


One of the main uses for aluminum is to reduce emissions, fuel use, and energy consumption, particularly in the automotive and transportation industries.  This is why aluminum is often referred to as the green material.


Custom Aluminum Products is committed to providing the most sustainable products possible whether it is by reducing our energy and emissions each year or improving out health and wellness program for all employees.  Custom Aluminum continues to focus on improvements in education and training to make our workplace safer, and to reduce our environmental impact to our community.


Custom Aluminum Products has partnered with like-minded companies that share our same values.  We view our customers as our partners in every respect and we believe that we can learn sustainability from them and they can learn from us.  We will continue to strive to improve our sustainability each year throughout all aspects and areas of our company.

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