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Prides itself on the quality products we produce and ship to our customers.  As part of our commitment to quality, we are and have been ISO 9001-2015 certified for years.  Custom Aluminum Products uses the latest technologies for inspection by importing 2D and 3D parts into our software for profile scanning to automated CMM’s to verify process control.


As part of our ISO certification we developed process standard operating procedures. We work with our customers to develop process control plans which allow us to concentrate on the most critical features of a part.  Custom Aluminum uses advanced statistical software to ensure CPK levels are met and reports these findings back to our customers.  We use the PPAP processes to become production ready and to help prevent future potential issues when in full production.  When a full PPAP is not required we can also offer First Article Inspection Reports and sampling plans as part of our quality commitment to our customers.


By working together with our customers, Custom Aluminum Products can insure high quality standards and repeatable performance for parts we ship to our customers.

Custom Aluminum Products

Quality Guarantee

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